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Wildlife Removal Services

Columbia and Charleston South Carolina


Rat Removal

If you're a resident of Columbia, SC or Charleston, SC dealing with a rodent problem in your home or business Allstar Wildlife is  here to help. Our local team of rat removal experts provides professional rodent removal services that can effectively eliminate unwanted pests and prevent them from returning. Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment and enjoy a pest-free environment.

Rats and mice can also enter your home through pipes and drains. They only require a hole ⅜ of an inch wide to enter, according to the National Wildlife Control Operators Association. They also like to live cozy spaces like:

  • dark corners of closets

  • around your fireplace

  • around pipes going to hot water heaters and more.

While there is not much you can do about rodents in your pipes, you should seal outdoor buildings, crawl spaces, and garages to prevent rodents from entering. Rats and mice can contaminate everything they touch with their feces and urine!

Rodent – Rats and mice in your living area?

They can chew on your food. They can also cause enormous destruction to your living space as they nest in your walls and floors. And this is to say nothing of the feces and urine they leave behind. It is important to get them out ASAP!

Homes have openings everywhere. This is where rats, mice and wildlife find their way in.

Rats and mice love dark, safe places like attics, crawl spaces, basements, AC units, soffits, foundation vents, and more. They will often access these spaces through a hole in your home’s exterior and then crawl between the walls to their desired nesting spot. This is why it is critical to seal all holes, cracks, and other vulnerable spaces in your home’s exterior. This will prevent future intrusions.


Raccoon Removal

Columbia, SC Raccoon Removal can be a tricky and potentially dangerous task. It's important to leave it to the local wildlife professionals who have the proper tools and training to handle the job safely and effectively. Contact Allstar Wildlife today for expert raccoon removal services in Columbia and Charleston SC.


Raccoons are interesting animals to watch.  I'm sure that we would all agree that raccoons are better watched from a distance than to be met face to face from across your living room.  No way, you say!  Absolutely, ask yourself if your home or business is protected.  Does your home have a doggie door?  Are there shingles missing from your roof or could you possibly have chew holes in your eave gaps?  If you are unsure of any of these things, call today.  Allstar Wildlife's professional team will inspect to see if your home or business is at risk!


A raccoon living in your attic space can cause some major damage to ductwork, insulation, sheetrock, wires and so on.  You name it they will destroy it. Because of this we recommend raccoon removal as soon as you realize you have a raccoon issue.

Columbia and Charleston raccoons are agile and excellent climbers, they adapt to live anywhere. Like most mammals, these creatures are mainly nocturnal and dislike bright light but may look for food during the day. The female raccoon can give birth to 1-7 kits.


Bat Removal

Bat removal provided by Allstar Wildlife is the first choice for many that live in Columbia South Carolina. Why you ask? We have proven ourselves to our local state and government agencies for Columbia, SC bat removal along with hundreds of homeowners throughout our years in business. Bats gain entry through just a 1/4 inch of space.  Wrap your head around that for a moment then ask yourself, is my structure completely bat proof? With a thorough bat inspection from Allstar Wildlife's  professional staff we will locate such points of entries.
Bats carry the threat of rabies, bat bugs and white nose syndrome. It just makes sense to have your  Columbia, SC bat inspection done any time of the year. Although bats can and will roost throughout the Carolina's downtown area, bats seem to be more problematic from bats in Columbia, bats in Charleston, bats in Lexington, bats in Aiken, to bats in Greenville. So, no matter where you reside in South Carolina, Allstar Wildlife will provide picture and video evidence of local bat damage to your home or business.  We will prepare a plan to completely solve your nuisance bat problem and repair your investment like it never happened. Allstar Wildlife will get the job done!


Bats in attic space:  Bats pose a major health risk with the buildup of bat guano in the attic space mixed with urine you have a recipe for respiratory disaster. With the threat of histoplasmosis from Columbia, SC bats roosting in the attic space or in the eaves of your home it is best to call upon Allstar Wildlife Removal Columbia, SC to remove the animals and contaminants they leave behind.


Snake Removal

Dealing with snakes on your property can be a risky business, especially in Columbia, SC where some species can be hazardous. There are about 120 snake species in North America., where very few are venomous. Snakes can live on land or water, are carnivores, and help reduce the rodent population in Columbia, Sc and Charleston, SC. They are excellent climbers, snakes can quickly gain access to your attic or basement area through construction gaps. However, once a litter of snakes grows on your property, they keep returning annually to give  birth to their young. To avoid any danger to yourself or others, it's best to seek professional snake removal services from Allstar Wildlife. Our team of experts in Columbia, SC is equipped to handle the situation efficiently and safely, and we offer Columbia, SC and Charleston, SC snake removal services for both residential and commercial properties. Get in touch with us today to schedule a consultation.


Opossum Removal

Looking for Opossum removal in Columbia and Charleston SC? Allstar Wildlife is trained and awaiting your call. 


As a marsupial mammal, opossums are marsupials. A pouch on their stomach is where they carry their babies. Babies that are larger often cling to their mothers' backs when they are bigger. In times of fear, they tend to freeze and even "play possum". It looks as though they are dead because they fall to their side, become stiff, and even emit an odor. As long as the threat persists, the opossum will play dead. Our trained wildlife specialist 


Although opossums are not usually aggressive, they are armed with 50 teeth.  Road-kill and birdseed are among the things that opossums eat as scavengers.  Homes, attics, and decks are common places to find opossums.  The opossums can be trapped humanely, damages can be repaired, and feces and urine can be cleaned.


Squirrel Removal

Squirrel in your home or business can cause havoc not only in your attic, but in the walls as well.  In order to rid yourself of squirrels you must follow a few special techniques.  Our certified wildlife staff in Columbia and Charleston SC can ensure squirrels will no longer find your home or business as a place to take up residency. Allstar Wildlife Removal in Columbia and Charleston SC has proven results in this industry that we would like to offer you.  These persistent chewers will cause costly expenses if not handled properly. 
Maybe you have not taken notice to the trees around your home that may need a little trimming, might be the bird seed that you just have to put out for the animals.  It could be a number of things that are causing nuisance squirrels to invade your personal space.  Allow our staff to provide a complete home and yard inspection for you today. Allow Allstar Wildlife to get you fixed up!


Dead Animal Removal

Have an unpleasant odor in Columbia or Charleston SC that you need fixed right away, Allstar Wildlife can help. 


Besides vermin and disease, dead animals attract new nuisance animals that want to feed on their carcasses. There are also unpleasant odors and sights to contend with. For a small charge, Allstar Wildlife in Columbia and Charleston SC can remove an animal that has died on your property and dispose of it in a proper manner if you are not comfortable doing it yourself.


Allstar Wildlife in Columbia and Charleston SC can find the location of the dead animal(s) and remove them from your house if they are within the architecture. Dismantling may be required to remove a dead carcass, for example, by removing drywall. It depends on the difficulty of the removal to determine the charges for animal removal within your home, yard, or business. Allstar Wildlife in Columbia and Charleston SC can provide an estimate if you describe your problem in detail.

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Attic & Crawl Space Restoration

Animal waste can be detrimental to  your health if not professionally removed and properly sterilized. 


Columbia, SC and Charleston, SC contamination Clean Up Treatment

Animals that occupy a home’s attic or crawl space leave behind urine, feces, fleas, ticks, disease and debris that can cause a structure fire.  Although local wildlife are cute and have a friendly appearance to some, they pose a serious health risk to all.  Wild animals do not belong in your home as I am sure we can all agree on that, you need them gone today! Call your local company at Allstar Wildlife today! 

Animal Trapping

Trapping is useful to control nuisance local wildlife and over population of certain species.  Trapping is used for the relocation of nuisance wildlife.  Federal authorities in the United States use trapping as the primary means to control predators that prey on endangered species.  Wild animals are frequently trapped in many parts of the world to prevent damage to personal property, including the killing of livestock by predatory animals. Allstar Wildlife is one of the most trusted trappers in Columbia, SC and Charleston, SC. 


No matter what type of nuisance animal Allstar Wildlife in Columbia and Charleston, SC encounters, trap placement is the key to success.  With our trained wildlife agents we have perfected this art.  Using the right bait for each particular wild animal along with keeping the traps scent free play a major role in removing local nuisance wildlife in a quick and professional manner.


In 1996, the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies, an organization made up of state and federal fish and wildlife agency professionals, began testing traps and compiling recommendations “to improve and modernize the technology of trapping through scientific research” known as Best Management Practices.  As of February 2013, twenty best management practice recommendations have been published, covering nineteen species of animals. Let Allstar Wildlife help you out with your nuisance wildlife problem today.

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