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Dead animal removal, deodorization and sterilization of said area(s).

Rodent exclusion & elimination with guaranteed results against re-entry!

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Serving South Carolina's                                                                                                                                     

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After discovering that I had a bat flying around in my house, I called upon Allstar Wildlife for assistance. They were able to come out the very next morning. After a night inspection was completed it was determined that over 500 bats were living in my attic. Brad and his team jumped quickly and was able to fix my problem faster than I thought could be done.  I was highly impressed with the job and courteousness that was given to me. For all your wildlife needs please call these guys, You will not be let down.

Javier Perez

These guys are very professional and on time.  They were able to get my unwanted house guests out and repair what was needed in no time.  Highly recommend Allstar Wildlife.

Lucy Fuller

Having no knowledge of how dangerous bats are, Allstar Wildlife explained and answered every question I had in detail. They explained exactly what the steps were to get them gone and even offered a warranty for their services. I was extremely grateful and impressed. If given the opportunity, these guys will handle anything you throw at them.  Thank you so much for your service.

TJ Green


WE SERVICE THE ENTIRE STATE OF SOUTH CAROLINA.  Wildlife Problems?  24hr Animal Removal Services Available!

Meet our pro staff, experience the difference, wildlife removal done right the first time!

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