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Why Allstar Wildlife Removal?


​We are the oldest privately owned wildlife removal company in South Carolina. Serving the entire state with our vast experience of wildlife behavior and habitats just makes perfect sense, plus we are not in multiple states. Therefore, we can keep our cost down to a minimum.  Plainly stated put your hard earned money back in South Carolina and not to some out of state company.


What to expect with our services?


With your initial phone call we will send out a certified wildlife agent to inspect for your problem animal(s) and any damage that may have been caused via chewed wires, contaminated insulation and animal points of entry.  Followed by a personalized free wildlife report with commitment of services.


Wildlife Removal & Animal Trapping?


We charge a flat fee for nuisance wildlife starting at $75. Allstar Wildlife does not charge per animal caught or per service trip and all animal trapping is humane and 100% guaranteed.  Note:  Deer removal and trapping, Beaver trapping and control, Wild Hog removal and trapping start at $275.  Also, as a foot note we always offer a military discount for our brave men and women that have proudly served our country. 


Animal Repairs and Construction?


Here at Allstar Wildlife there is no sub-contracting. We handle all necessary repairs that any nuisance animal may throw at us.  Repairs such as removal of any and all soiled or contaminated insulation, dry rotted or destroyed underlayment, repair or replace chewed or rotted wood, ripped off or blown away shingles, any damaged or missing soffit/shutters, rebuilding of crawlspace doors, damaged or leaking hood vents, and much more.  We are a turnkey wildlife removal prevention and repair company.

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