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Animal Trapping


Trapping is useful to control nuisance wildlife and over population of certain species.  Trapping is used for the relocation of nuisance wildlife.  Federal authorities in the United States use trapping as the primary means to control predators that prey on endangered species.  Animals are frequently trapped in many parts of the world to prevent damage to personal property, including the killing of livestock by predatory animals.


No matter what type of nuisance animal Allstar Wildlife encounters, trap placement is the key to success.  With our trained wildlife agents we have perfected this art.  Using the right bait for each particular animal along with keeping the traps scent free play a major role in removing nuisance wildlife in a quick and professional manner.


In 1996, the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies, an organization made up of state and federal fish and wildlife agency professionals, began testing traps and compiling recommendations “to improve and modernize the technology of trapping through scientific research” known as Best Management Practices.  As of February 2013, twenty best management practice recommendations have been published, covering nineteen species of animals.





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