Rat Removal

Rat Removal and Mice Removal both have the same techniques, however a professional wildlife trapper will be able to distinguish a clear difference.  Regardless of the difference both rats and mice are disgusting animals when thought about.  So, ask yourself could your home or business be at risk for these varmints to urinate and defecate on your floors or countertops. They are famous for chewing electrical wires and completely destroying the insulation in your attic space and crawlspace. The spread of disease that nuisance rats can carry is a huge risk to your family and should not be taking lightly.


They will eat out of your pets food bowl or drink from their water dish, feast off your trash in the home or from the outside.  If you store bird seed in the shed that is a green light for these rodents to thrive and cause havoc on your property. Call Allstar Wildlife before these rodents get out of hand and uncontrollable.   

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