Wildlife Removal Services


This year will be no different than years past when it comes to nuisance wildlife doing everything possible to invade your home and property. Well, 2022 will be a different story when you choose Allstar Wildlife to completely shield your home or office. We all know of someone that's had a problem with Squirrels, Bats, Raccoons or even Opossums. Allow us to make that their story and not yours! Serving South Carolina for over 20 years Allstar Wildlife professionals are licensed and insured for your protection. With that 20 years of experience in the nuisance wildlife removal business, we provide workmanship for the domestic and commercial markets. In need of a new inspection, maybe a second opinion, an attic renovation or any other skilled workmanship? Look no further! We provide on site inspections of the property or structure. Photo's taken of damage(s) caused to wires, insulation, air ducts, wood or vinyl that unwanted animals may have damaged. Family owned and operated with a extremely strong "word of mouth" reputation in our service areas. With 24 Hour emergency services available for your convenience. Please fill out our contact form to see how we can help!


No bogus Insurance claims on your home due to wildlife damage(s). 

100% Humane and Permanent Wildlife Removal and Animal Control.

Rodent exclusion & elimination with guarantee results against re-entry!

No poisonous baits! Completely safe for families and pets!

Dead animal removal, deodorization and sterilization of said area(s).

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Frequently Asked Questions?

Serving Columbia SC and Charleston SC  

: Are you licensed and insured?
: What makes Allstar Wildlife differ from other    Wildlife Removal companies?
: What is your process?
: What do you do with trapped wildlife?
: How much does it cost?
: Does your company offer a warranty?


Our Services Include
Residential & Commercial Property Inspections  // Inside & Outside Animal Trapping  // Complete Exclusion Services // Insulation Replacement  // Crawlspace Renovations  //  Dead Animal Removal  // Much more...

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