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Beaver Removal - Wildlife Removal Columbia SC 

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Beaver Removal, Beaver Control, Beaver Trapping, Beaver chewing on trees

Beaver Removal at Wildlife Removal Columbia SC 
Problem beaver situations may include an impoundment threatening downstream property, upstream flooding of land, trees or crops killed or damaged by flooding, flooding of homes, flooding of highways or railroads, contamination of water supplies, impairment of drainage systems, damage to wildlife habitat or landowner distress.  Wildlife Removal Columbia SC can established a nuisance focused beaver management plan for your property by contacting our professional staff.
The beaver is the largest rodent in North America with adults ranging from 35 to 46 inches long (including a flattened 12-18 inch tail) and weighing from 45 to 60 pounds. Beaver weighing over 100 pounds have been recorded. The hind feet are very large with 5 long webbed toes. Front feet are small and dexterous, which allows the beaver to carry dam construction material such as stones and sticks. Call Wildlife Removal Columbia SC today for all your beaver problems!

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