Bat Removal

Bat removal provided by Allstar Wildlife is the first choice for many that live in South Carolina. Why you ask? We have proven ourselves to our local state and government agencies for bat removal along with hundreds of homeowners throughout our years in business. Bats gain entry through just a 1/4 inch of space.  Wrap your head around that for a moment then ask yourself, is my structure completely bat proof? With a thorough bat inspection from our professional staff we will locate such points of entries.


Bats carry the threat of rabies, bat bugs and white nose syndrome. It just makes sense to have your bat inspection done any time of the year. Although bats can and will roost throughout the Carolina's downtown area, bats seem to be more problematic from bats in Columbia, bats in Charleston, bats in Lexington, bats in Aiken, to bats in Greenville. So, no matter where you reside in South Carolina, Allstar Wildlife will provide picture and video evidence of bat damage to your home or business.  We will prepare a plan to completely solve your nuisance animal problem and repair your investment like it never happened.

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